The app that connects you to other people living with breast cancer or gynaecological tumors.

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The app that connects you to other people living with breast cancer and gynaecological tumors.

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Our mission

Roche has partnered with people living with breast cancer, healthcare specialists and patient organisations to create the Focus Me app. The aim of the app is to provide personalised digital support as you deal with your disease on a day-to-day basis.

“The Focus Me app makes it easier to contact and communicate with other patients and even meet face to face from time to time.”

Janine, breast cancer patient

“I hope we’ll be able to reach as many people as possible with the app and that everyone finds something that helps – something to give them courage or strength, make things easier or point to new paths and opportunities.”

Annette, breast cancer patient

“As a nurse, I hope I’ll be able to help patients more effectively by recognising and responding to their problems faster. The app allows people living with cancer to talk to each other under the supervision of healthcare specialists, who can then intervene if necessary.”

Beatrice, oncology nurse

“This app offers new ways for patients to network with each other and share information. I think it’s an outstanding tool for getting patients involved in the digital process.”

Dr Nik Hauser, gynaecologist

The app that connects!

Your private chat function

Focus Me lets you network with other people living with breast cancer or gynaecological tumors so that you can support each other in everyday life. The Focus Me app is a secure environment that complies with European and Swiss security standards and offers the following features:

→ Targeted searching for people with breast cancer or gynaecological tumors who have similar interests or are living in similar circumstances to you

→ One-to-one of group chats with other app users on subjects such as nutrition, wellbeing, exercise, family, etc.

Your personal event overview

Are you looking for events to exchange ideas with other people affected by the disease? Focus Me offers you the opportunity to become aware of different event formats in your area, so that you can better orient yourself in everyday life with your disease. For example:

♡ Events of your clinic/practice or patient organizations.
♡ Interest groups for those affected, such as offers to increase well-being (sports/exercise groups, nutrition, etc.)
♡ patient continuing education
♡ Organized meetings for exchange with other affected persons

All events are validated by Focus Me before they are posted to ensure the quality of their content.

Focus Me at a glance

Create your
personal profile

Communicate with other affected persons or medical professionals in a one-on-one chat

Discussgroup chats a topic that interests you in the group chat with other affected people

Find interesting events  in your area and save them in your calendar

These pictures and chats are fictitious and serve as an example

Added value for patients with breast cancer or gynecological tumors and healthcare professionals

Focus Me helps patients connect with others with breast cancer or gynecologic tumors and professionals for valuable everyday support.

Focus Me guides breast cancer or gynaecological tumors patients through the various stages of their treatment and continues to support them in their post-treatment everyday life. Since the app supports communication between patients and between patients and their care team (at the oncology centre/doctor’s surgery, as available), patients can make valuable contacts, communicate online and give each other emotional support. By doing so, Focus Me should help to prevent patients feeling alone with their disease.

Digital support for healthcare professionals and patient organisations

Hospitals and patient organisations have the option of displaying their patient education events in Focus Me’s events calendar as a way of inviting and notifying patients. Healthcare professionals can use the chat function to communicate with patients if they are able to use it at their centre or surgery.

Data security

Focus Me is a secure, protected digital environment that complies with European and Swiss security standards. Patient data is subject to stringent security standards. Roche will never have access to or be able to view patients’ personal or medical data.

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